Ryan Primrose, MA, Archaeologist / Principal

Ryan holds a professional archaeological licence (P208) and has 19 years of experience. He has carried out hundreds of archaeological assessments in all Stages.  He completed an MA in Anthropology, a BA (Hon) and a BEd, all from Trent University.  Ryan has archaeological field experience in Northern Ontario and internationally in Belize.  Ryan has undertaken major cultural resource assessments for all aspects of development including Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ministry of Transportation as well as mining development, private subdivision development, infrastructure development, and forestry projects.  Ryan has also worked for northeastern municipalities, First Nations and Métis communities. He specialises in archaeological predictive modelling, archaeological resource management, and public education.

Dr. John Pollock, PhD, Archaeologist / Associate

Dr. John Pollock (associated) holds a professional archaeological licence (P016), and has more than 40 years of archaeological and cultural heritage experience.  John completed his PhD and his MA in Anthropology.   John was also an Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Laurentian University.  During his career he has carried out over 1000 archaeological assessments.  He has extensive experience in all types of archaeological assessments and has had clients from the mining, forestry, land development, and hydro sectors.  He also has experience working with provincial ministries, First Nations communities, industry, and municipalities.  He is also very familiar with the resource industries and communities of Northern Ontario.

David Gadzala, MA, Archaeologist / Lead Technical Report Writer

David holds a professional consulting archaeological licence (P1040) and has over 8 years of experience.  David completed his MA (Hon) in Public Issues Anthropology with an emphasis on site preservation, and his BSc (Hon) in Archaeological Sciences with an emphasis on laboratory analysis.  David joined Woodland Heritage Services in 2010.  David is passionate about the early fur trade period in Northeastern Ontario as well as the pre- and post-contact histories of the Indigenous hunting and gathering peoples of the Boreal forest.  David has an interest in experimental archaeology and “primitive” lifeways and strives to better understand the daily lives of the people of the past.  David also runs the Piscoutagami Project, a volunteer archaeological organization which aims to research, locate, excavate, and publish on sites in the Nighthawk Lake area east of Timmins, Ontario.

Josée Boulanger, BA / Archaeological Assistant

Josée has completed fieldwork in Northern Ontario and has over 3 years of archaeological experience.  She completed a BA (Hon) in Anthropology and International Development Studies, and is working towards a postgraduate certificate in General Information Systems (GIS). While at Trent University, Josée studied extensively on Mediterranean Archaeology.  She has since begun to research and focus on Landscape Archaeology and its applications in Northern Ontario.  Josée joined Woodland Heritage Services in 2016. She is working to complete her goal of having an Applied Research license in the next year.

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